con·text is a space for personal essays about literature. We don’t run fiction or poetry, but this doesn’t mean we’re not looking for writing that’s creative, inventive, and intimate. We like a review-essay that’s not only about the book itself, but also about the experience of reading it. We like criticism that turns things over, that’s challenging, and that’s a pleasure to read.

Written Reviews & Criticism: We tend to think of reviews as being at once succinct, exploratory, and personal, showing the reviewer’s intimate connection with the text. Personal criticism, on the other hand, also employs outside texts or sources (explicit or implied), in addition to evaluating a central work through a subjective lens. We are also open to the possibility of criticism that crosses generic boundaries and reviews that assume unfamiliar forms. If that’s more your thing, we hope you’ll take advantage of this space to experiment.

Retro Reviews: We’ll also occasionally feature review-essays of older (or much older) works.

Graphic, Sonic, and Multimedia: We keep the floor open to reviews and criticism in multimodal forms. We’ll see what we can do to meet your technical specifications.

Any written work should fall between 750-3,000 words, give or take.

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